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Gide X Regimbeau – Patent Litigation: an exclusive interview for Interfimo

Gide x Regimbeau - Patent Litigation gives a behind-the-scenes look at how the partnership was formed in a recent exclusive interview with Interfimo. At the heart of this conversation is the strategic decision to form a partnership, which has created an interprofessional team dedicated to patent litigation.

Marie Audren, Marc Levieils and Emmanuelle Larere explain how the firms have succeeded in cultivating a complementary approach that reflects their respective skills and values.

The interview explores the key motivations that led Gide and Regimbeau to choose partnership as a way of strengthening their specialized teams. Valuable insights are shared, identifying the opportunities taken and the keys to success in the face of major developments in the Intellectual Property sector.

Team :
  • Gide : Emmanuel Larere

  • Regimbeau : Marie Audren and Marc Levieils

Read the article in full on the Interfimo website (in French).

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